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Food for Students in Linda Community

The women of Luse Lwamfumu are working hard to feed their children

In our early work with the women caretakers in the Linda Community, Communities Without Borders donated money, which was used to build an open feeding shelter. This is located near the Linda Community government primary school. The shelter is used to prepare meals and serve them to the students. The women also make beautiful tie-dye cloth, which we buy every summer at the market price and resell in the United States to raise money to support the education of students in Zambia.

Recently we also provided a peanut grinder machine to the caretakers. They have been growing corn maize near the school. They use some of the maize for the daily meal to feed students. They sell the rest of the maize. With some of the money they get from maize sales they buy fertilizer for the next seasons planting. The balance of the maize sale money is used to buy “groundnuts” which they grind in the new machine to make peanut butter and to buy vegetables (“relish”) to add to the student meal for a healthier diet.

The Linda community women who call themselves “Luse Lwamfumu” led by chairperson, Lozaria Chinsengwe and secretary, Bertha Chirwa, are working hard to make sure the children in their community have plenty of nutrition so they can be successful in school and go on to be leaders in their community and in Zambia.